AED TOTAL SOLUTION Medical Direction, 1 year

AED TOTAL SOLUTION Medical Direction, 1 year

AED TOTAL SOLUTION Medical Direction, 1 year

1 Yr Complete Medical Oversight/Direction (Rx, AED reg, P&P, tracking, alerts, post-event assist
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       Medical Direction and Medical Oversight (1 Year)


There are numerous Federal, State and local requirements regarding purchasing and maintaining AED’s available for public use. AED Total Solution is an all-inclusive program handling every aspect of your Client’s AED program.



Common AED Legalities and Requirements covered by AED Total Solution:


  • Certified Physician Oversight and AED Prescription
  • Written AED Policies and Procedures
  • Maintenance checks and record keeping                                                   
  • CPR/AED training Certification Tracking
  • Local and regional AED Registration                                                           
  • Post-Event AED data download, Physician Review and Report 


Client’s AED Total Solution unique Web Portal Includes:


  • AED Tracking: Site, Location, Serial Number                                                
  • Battery/Electrode Tracking
  • Documented inspection histories                                                                   
  • CPR/AED Certification Tracking
  • Monthly Inspection email reminders                                                             
  • Printable records and information covering every aspect of Program
  • 60 and 30 day Battery and/or Electrode Expiration auto-email notifications 
  • 60 and 30 day Training Certification Expiration auto-email notifications


Post Event Procedures:


  • Loaner AED sent 1-day-air to client with postage-paid return box for used AED     
  • AED Inspected, cleaned and refurbished
  • Legally required notifications made to local authorities                                               
  • AED sent back to Client with postage-paid return box for loaner AED
  • Event data downloaded from used AED, reviewed by Physician                                 
  • Post-Event Physician Report created and sent back to client
  • We and our Physician available for any questions or concerns from your Client


Contact one of our Territory Reps. at (800) 215-9555 for more information