Philips OnSite School Package

Philips OnSite School Package

Philips OnSite School Package

Philips OnSite School Pkg w/adult & ped pads, case, response kit, 1-yr med dir, cabinet, sign, tags
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Philips OnSite School Package includes:


  • Slimline Carry Case
  • Pediatric Pads
  • Wall cabinet w/ alarm & magnetic door latch
  • Response Kit 
  • AED check tags
  • One year medical direction & medical oversight (Click here)
  • Wall Sign


Philips OnSite AED includes:


  • Philips OnSite Lithium Battery Pack
  • (1) OnSite SMART Pads Cartridge
  • Quick Reference Guide and Owners Manual
  • Heart Smart Inspection / Maintenance Tag
  • Heart Smart Carrying Case
  • Heart Smart "AED Equipped Facility" Decal


Every HeartStart OnSite comes ready-to-rescue. The device is pre-installed in the carrying case and battery and pads are pre-installed in the device. Simply pull the handle on the front of the AED to activate it. he HeartStart OnSites graphics-based visual instructions are designed to communicate instantly, with minimum reading and interpretation. Users not fluent in the devices language can follow easily. 


This defibrillator's innovative technology is based on extensive research and used feedback, it is so easy to use that, with minimal training, you can potentially save the life of a co-worker, friend, or anyone else stricken with sudden cardiac arrest. Using clear, natural voice instructions, the OnSite Defibrillator guides you, the first caregiver on the scene, through each step of defibrillation and CPR. Like all HeartStart defibrillators, it can be used to treat infants, children and adults. 


The pads are "smart" because they can sense that they have been removed from the cartridge and applied to the patient. This helps the HeartStart OnSite know at what point the user is in the response process. 


The HeartStart OnSite provides on-demand audio coaching. Calm, clear voice instructions are tailored to the responders actions, providing AED and CPR guidance during the resuscitation of a sudden cardiac arrest victim.