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Practice- CRdm CPR Wrist Monitor
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The NEW Practi-CRdM® Compression Rate and Depth Monitor is designed to measure compression rate and depth when practicing CPR on a manikin. Worn on the students’ wrist, the CRdM will provide an audible “beep” when compression depth is not within the range of 5-6cm (2”-2.3”).  A diode illuminates red when compressions are below 100 cpm or above 120 cpm. When compression rate is between 100 and 120 cpm the diode illuminates green, allowing users to self-check their timing.


The flexible wristband fits any size wrist and may be used with any training manikin. The rechargeable lithium battery lasts a minimum of 3-4 hours and may be charged via USB port. Charging time is between 2-3 hours.


The Practi-CRdM® provides an affordable solution that helps protect the investment training centers have in the manikins they own which do not offer compression rate and/or depth monitoring.

Comes with a 1 year warranty.



Q:  Can the Practi-CRdM be used to measure compressions on an infant manikin?
A:  No.  The Practi-CRdM is for use with adult/child CPR manikins only.


Q:  How do I turn on my CRdM?
A:  Touch the face of the monitor and hold until the green light turns to red. If the light does not turn to red, then the unit needs to be charged.


Q:  What is the band made of?
A:  Latex Free silicone rubber


Q:  Can I clean my CRdM?
A:  Yes. We recommend simply wiping the product with an alcohol wipe. Because the wristband is made of silicone, using bleach products may be too harsh.


Q:  I’m doing compressions properly but the light won’t turn green?
A:  The Practi-CRdM®is a precisely calibrated instructional aid. Instructors who have initially reported their CRdM not functioning by not measuring CR or depth properly often found it was indeed user error. Instructors whose common practice was to use a metronome found the CRdM to perform accurately.

The CRdM introduces the additional feature of depth measurement which of course could pose another layer of potential complexity. The CRdM is precisely calibrated via its programmed electronics. Popular manikins use a simplistic clicking device and there may be a discrepancy between the two. After consulting with trainers, there was a general consensus most manikins used in the field are not necessarily precise machines, but “estimators” in measuring a range of depth. Not to mention the varying degrees of how some manikins are taken care of, i.e. years of wear and tear that could cause variations in performance.  Some instructors may view the manikin as the precise measurement for which the CRdM is measured by. To the contrary,  the CRdM is the teaching aid that will communicate proper rate and depth.

To check the accuracy of the CRdM CR, you can google “metronome” and apply compressions at the set metronome rate.


Q:  Can I adjust the volume of the CRdM?
A:  No.  There is no volume control at this time. During testing, if the sound was too loud students would hear each other’s devices. It was very difficult finding the ideal volume to be loud enough to overcome the noise of the manikin yet not too loud as to distract nearby students. Your feedback is very helpful and much appreciated. We are looking into the possibility of a volume control for future revisions in order to satisfy a broader range of users. We are not sure if this is possible without having to raise the cost. Ultimately we may have to stick with a fixed volume and make it louder in hopes it will not be too distracting. Again finding the happy medium is difficult.


Q:  Can I leave my CRdM connected to the charger after it is fully charged?
A:  Yes and No. The CRdM has over-charge protection. Over-charge will not cause the CRdM to fail, but it is suggested that the charging cable should be taken off after the unit is fully charged.


Q:  Is the CRdM waterproof?
A:  No it is not waterproof.

Comes with a 1 year warranty.